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Vinyl Installation Instructions

Click here to download a printable MidSouth Vinyl instructions sheet.

Installation Instructions

Please read these instructions all the way through before starting your application.

The surface must be clean, and free of all oils, waxes and dirt. If installing on glass, use any household glass cleaner on the desired installation area. If you use Rain X on this area, try Formula 409 to remove it. On freshly-waxed painted surfaces wipe with a wax remover or alcohol before application.

Our pieces come in three layers. The top layer is the Transfer Tape. It can resemble masking tape or clear film over the middle layer, the actual vinyl product. The bottom layer is a Backing Paper treated with a releasing agent.


You will need a driver’s license or a similar type squeegee, a pair of scissors or similar cutting tool, and a needle (to remove any air bubbles).

Try to apply the vinyl product at room temperature (55 to 75 degrees) or above. The warmer it is, the better the process works, but, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Without removing the paper backing, position your vinyl product exactly where you want it. Once it is in position, place a piece of tape across the center to hold the vinyl product in place. The tape will allow you to peel off one side of the backing while the piece stays in place.

Lift up the first side of the vinyl product and pull the backing off SLOWLY until you near the center where your tape is holding your piece in place. Cut the now empty backing paper away from the vinyl product and slowly smooth the first half down with the card or squeegee. Then, remove the tape in the center (the applied portion of the vinyl now acts as the tape) and peel back the other side and remove the rest of the backing paper. SLOWLY use the card or squeegee to smooth down the second half of your vinyl product.

Before you peel back the transfer tape, rub down the transfer tape to make sure the vinyl has adhered to the surface. SLOWLY peel back the tape and watch any small letters and corners, to make sure they are well adhered to your surface, and not on the transfer tape.

Remember, patience is the key here. Do not rush. Once the transfer tape is removed, take your fingers and rub gently over your product’s corners and points to make sure they are glued firmly to the surface. If you have any air bubble, use the needle and create a small hole for the air to escape. Working the air to the small hole by pressing around the bubble. The bubbles may disappear after a day or two.

REMEMBER: Once the vinyl product is installed, it cannot be adjusted easily. Patience is the key.

Click here to download a printable MidSouth Vinyl instructions sheet.

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